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Dr. Lourdes Uribe is committed to your health.  We are focused on preventive and precision medicine and are pleased to announce that we have added hereditary cancer screening and testing to our services.  Certain cancers have a hereditary component. This means that you may inherit gene mutations from family members increasing your chances of certain cancers. Identifying your risk gives you and your provider strategies to manage, monitor and treat this risk early and proactively leading to better care and outcomes. Once you’ve completed the screening form in the questionnaire below, our provider can schedule a time to discuss results, if needed, via a telemedicine appointment to ensure we are providing you with personalized care conveniently and safely from home.

Have you or anyone in your family ever been     diagnosed with?

Breast Cancer

Colon Cancer


Endometrial / Uterine Cancer

Fallopian Tube Cancer

Gastric Cancer

Melanoma (skin)

Ovarian Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Peritoneal Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Colon Polyps (5 or more)

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