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High Risk Pregnancy


3D Ultrasound







Urinary Incontinence


Preventive Care




Family Planning



Hormone Replacement

  • For Men and Women

  • Regain Energy & Strength

  • Feel Younger and happier

  • Increase Mental Clarity

  • Prevent Age-Related Illness

  • Increase Ability to Lose Weight

  • Restore or Increase Sex Drive


Free Services Provided:
       - Breastfeeding assistance and support
       - Consultation with lactation consultant
       - Classes on breastfeeding, breast pumps, safety and                  baby behavior
       - Help with breast pumps and lactation devices, as                     needed

The Center Helps With:
      - Sore, flat, or inverted nipples
      - Engorgement, plugged ducts
      - Milk supply issues: low or over supply, re-lactation.
      -Baby issues: difficult latch, fussy, sleepy, poor weight               gain, jaundice, cleft lip and palate

Consults Include:
         - Assistance with latch and positioning
         - Evaluation of maternal breast
         - Infant oral evaluation
         - Assessment of baby's weight and amount of milk                     transferred from breast
         - Feeding plan for baby
         - Analysis of breast milk composition/calories

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Hour of Operation:
        Monday, Wednesday & Friday      8 am-5pm
        Tuesday &Thursday                        8am-6:30pm

Contact Information:
                         Lactation Care Center RGV
                         3001 N. 23rd Street, Suite 2
                                 McAllen, TX 78501
                                  Tel. 956-292-7711
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